Felt phone cover

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The fact that I am temporarily away  from my dear sewing machine makes me creative in some other ways 😉 And so I made a quick (max 30 min., depending on your drawing & cutting skills) almost no-sew phone cover!   All you need to complete this project is: a piece of…

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A needle book… for any-/everyone?

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It’s the final countdown till Christmas!!! Only a couple of days left. But that doesn’t mean you can no longer be creatively quick with a small (but very useful) gift for someone. This someone is basically anyone, since a set of emergency needles is something you will find in almost every household.…

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Mug Coaster Set – a quick and easy handmade last-minute Christmas gift

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Looking for and making your mind which Christmas presents to buy may sometimes be difficult. I always think that the best gifts are the handmade gifts. And it does not have to equal long hours (or even days) of crafting. If you’re in need of a simple yet effective present, here’s my suggestion: a…

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Folk bag – a colourful reminder of summer

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In November it really feels that days are shorter and shorter, and that the winter is just around the corner. That’s why I like to keep something colourful with me, a sweet summer reminder 😉 And so this summer I made a new bag, for which I got some inspiration from polish folk motives, especially from the so-called “Łowicz…

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Piano cover – first project with my own label

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I have a long list of things I plan to sew/design/create. The list barely ever shinks, because whenever I can tick something off, another couple of things come to my mind in the meantime and so it goes;) Anyway, I decided that the piano cover will be the first thing…

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Happy like a kid – that is exactly the feeling I have 😀 😀 :D. My very own very first batch of labels arrived 😀 😀 😀 !!! Woo hoo! I know, but I can’t stop smiling 🙂 It’s so true that these are the small things that really matter and can make one happy 🙂 Ok, enough with the smiling. 🙂

First label!


A short break from toys

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  After creating Ribbit the Fearless Frog, I decided that I (and my machine probably as well) need a break and sew something else.   This something else is actually two things:   1. A case/bag for a battery charger (+ its power supply, booklet and some extra rechargeable batteries).…

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Drop-Ear Dog pattern released :) !

I am so happy to finally finish the tutorial on the Drop-Ear Dog assembly! Ufff.. it took more time than I expected, but the final file ended up with 20 pages full of photos and hints and detailed descriptions. I tried to make it as easy as possible for anyone, even (almost) true beginners. Furthermore, 7 pages of full size pattern come along together with the tutorial. I am not a big fan of rescaling patterns, so I want to spare others that as well.

I hope you like the design of the Drop-Ear Dog and that you will not hesitate to sew along!