There’s no such state of mind as “I think I have enough fabric”

I am glad not to be the only one experiencing that even though my stock of different fabrics and fabric scraps is growing and growing… it is never enough;) I simply cannot resist to buy more and it eventually ends up on a pile “I will definitely make use of it someday” 😉

Pretty comforting is the fact that most of these scraps are my inspiration for future projects and actually this “someday” really comes one day or the other. For many fabrics. For some I already know want I to do, but unfortunately time is the limit. So I have my list of projects “to do”. Every time I can tick of something from that list…. I add couple of more items… never-ending story. But I guess that is the beauty of it all, because how sad would it be to complete all projects and have no ideas to rush to?

Anyway, I found lots of great illustrations for this “problem” all over the web, but the one from someecards I particularly like:

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