Witty Walrus

Witty Walrus

For the lovers of the sea and all its creatures.. the Witty Walrus!

He is soft and cuddly, but sturdy. Strength and kindness in one! If you would ask me why witty, I would say: because if he would be able to talk, it feels like he would simply make me laugh and amuse all the time 😉 That’s probably because Walruses, the marine mammals, are extremely sociable (as the ones in the pictures too!!!).


The Witty Walrus is about 28 cm / 11 inch long. He is made entirely from fleece, with hand embroidered eyes and nostrils. In other words, he’s a very safe toy for the very young ones!

I can honestly say he is a nice and relatively easy design to start your adventure with toy sewing! And if you already have a little experience he can become your evening project Softie.

Well, not sure if you would say the same, but to me (very subjectively) he is an adorable sea creature, and (at least in this scale) he’s not scary at all 😉 – ready to sew him yourself?

Get the pattern for the Witty Walrus HERE or HERE!

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