Curious Crab

How about a sea creature for a change 🙂 ?


Well, the cuddly and sweet Curious Crab is the “weekend outcome”.

It’s the first toy which I made that required actually only one test toy!
(I know it will probably never happen again, so this is my 5 minutes of unspoiled happiness 😉 )

Anyway, he is very cute, and makes me smile every time I look at him. I am certain it will make you smile as well! So don’t hesitate to sew along!



The Curious Crab Softie is about 30 cm / 12 in wide. He is made from very soft fleece, but a less stretchy fabric will also do.

Additionally, he is relatively very easy to make and with a little bit of experience it will only take you one evening to bring him to life 🙂

The sewing pattern comes along with an easy to follow 17-page photo-tutorial including very detailed instructions on how to make your an own lovable Curious Crab.


Get the pattern HERE.


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