About me

Ever since I remember I was into handcrafts. As a kid I did some origami, then learned how to knit and crochet. The latter passion was the one I was most faithful to…. until sometime in 2011 when I got my sewing machine as a gift.


I was determined to learn a new technique, sewing. I started off with reading a lot and learning from different Sewers posting brilliant tutorials on the web. I’m not saying that the beginnings were smooth… First teddy bear I tried to make out of the downloaded pattern resembled more a fox than a bear;) I gave up for a moment, until I found more info and detailed tutorials on how to sew toys. And the new attempt to create a teddy was much more of a success;) The end result actually resembled the one on the pattern picture a lot!

That’s when I started sewing like crazy, more and more, new and new things found all-over-the web. I learned a lot in the past 2 years and started sewing my own designs and creations. Mostly from the (constantly) collected scraps of fabric….

… so here comes this website with what I discovered to be my true passion: sewing.
I want to share it with others and hope you will enjoy sewing “My Scrappy Ideas“:)!


My Scrappy Ideas