Very Famous Sheep

Shaun with the New OwnerI’m not really into recreating toys from well-known cartoon stories, but I made an exception. I was requested by my very dear Friend to create the Very Famous Sheep toy for her son.
At first I was quite puzzled, since I had literally no clue who or what it was… but I quickly asked Google for help, and… I immediately fell in love with this cute sheep, probably as much as her son did 🙂

My version of this Very Famous Sheep is about 80 cm / 31.5 inch large, very soft, cute and definitely very very cuddly! I must admit with a lot of shame that I struggled with myself to let this very amazing sheep go 😉


You can get the pattern with a very detailed tutorial HERE or HERE.

I hope you love it as much as I do! Below are some pictures of the finished toy alone and with the new happy Owner:)


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  1. I am also a great fan of Shaun , love to watch Shaun the sheep. Happy to hear that you met him!

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