A short break from toys


After creating Ribbit the Fearless Frog, I decided that I (and my machine probably as well) need a break and sew something else.


This something else is actually two things:


1. A case/bag for a battery charger
(+ its power supply, booklet and some extra rechargeable batteries).

The charger came without any original permanent packaging/case, so I needed to come up with something. Especially that with tons of cabels in the house, the one belonging to the charger would easily be switched with another one, or simply get into the box with all different powers uppliers and cables.

And so I came up with a case. Inside it has separators with velcro sides, to make 4 compartments, for:

    • charger,
    • power supplier,
    • some additional rechargeable batteries,
    • papers/info/guarantee

This is the effect:


2. Cover/sleeve for a tablet.

It is decorated using a free-motion quilting machine foot (gee, I love this tiny thing!). And it has a pocket in the front, for the cable, so it wouldn’t get lost too soon.

The special order for this one was to make it in colour matching a green laptop. And for good luck I tried to make a four-leaf clover in the back of the case. The lining inside the cover (beige) is made from a very soft fabric, to prevent tablet from scratching.


This is how it came out:

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