Felt phone cover

Quick and easy almost no-sew felt phone cover. MyScrappyIdeas.com

The fact that I am temporarily away  from my dear sewing machine makes me creative in some other ways 😉 And so I made a quick (max 30 min., depending on your drawing & cutting skills) almost no-sew phone cover!


All you need to complete this project is:

  • a piece of felt enough to wrap your phone 1,5 times (calculate approx. 3x phone width) and about ~ 3 cm longer than your phone (see pic.2 below)
  • a couple of small pieces of felt, size and colour depends on how you want to decorate the finished cover
  • a fabric glue
  • a needle and a decorating thread (for backstitching the bottom and top part of the cover)
  • sharp scissors to cut felt


Prepare the cover in only few steps:

  • measure your phone (pic.1) and cut out the main piece of felt in proper size (pic.2)

szkice futeralu 2

  • wrap the felt around the phone and glue along the two longer edges (pic.3)

szkice futeralu 4szkice futeralu 3

  • remove the phone from the cover and glue the bottom edges together
  • when the glue dries, backstitch along the bottom of the cover, as well as around the top edge of the phone cover (pic.4)
  • cut out some decoration from the remaining felt pieces (I made a simple decoration of a felt flower) and glue it onto the front of the cover
  • enjoy your new unique handmade phone cover :)!


Please excuse the quality of the photos below, but (since time was of the essence at the time) I (exceptionally) took them using my phone:

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