A needle book… for any-/everyone?

It’s the final countdown till Christmas!!! Only a couple of days left. But that doesn’t mean you can no longer be creatively quick with a small (but very useful) gift for someone. This someone is basically anyone, since a set of emergency needles is something you will find in almost every household. So… why not give it a special touch a make a creative present for under the tree? Well, it’s really not that difficult.


The needle book that I made:

  • is  approx. 11 cm x 11 cm (22 cm x 11 cm, when opened)
  • it has a pocket for scissors etc. on the inside of the cover (both front and back)
  • has 6 felt pages ( 9.5 cm x 9 cm) made out of 3 felt pieces (9.5 cm x 18 cm each)
  • is decorated with some colourful buttons and lace
  • the cover it quilted using a straight stitch


In order to make your own needle book you will need:

  • two pieces of main fabric for the cover
  • fabric for the pocket
  • lining/batting (depending on the weight of your fabric of choice)
  • felt for pages
  • small piece of velcro for needle book closing
  • colourful buttons / ribbons/ lace etc. for page decoration
  • and zig zag scissors, which can turn out to be very handy!

Sew the cover (using lining or batting) adding the pocket at the bottom and a velcro closing. Add couple of felt pages and decorate them however you like! You can also sew lace onto the needle book cover. Go crazy and make it as personal as you can!

Good luck!

Here’s how my needle book turned out:



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