Piano cover – first project with my own label

I have a long list of things I plan to sew/design/create. The list barely ever shinks, because whenever I can tick something off, another couple of things come to my mind in the meantime and so it goes;)

Anyway, I decided that the piano cover will be the first thing I make that will be marked with my own label. I like to learn new ways to use my machine. Since I am a big fan of free motion quilting (FMQ) and a true novice in that field as well, in this project I used a very basic (but still decorative) loop pattern.

I cut two curtains lying somewhere in my fabric stash (I love sewing all sorts of appliance covers/sleeves/cases from curtain-like fabric; it makes the end-result durable and very appealing), one for the top part, and one for the lining. And I used batting of 120g/m2.

Since I am not a piano-player myself, I asked my husband what kind of melody/song does he like enough to have a few opening bars on the instrument cover. (Btw, can you guess the melody from the notes 🙂 ? ) I’ve made a digital scheme of what I want to sew with all measurements, I cut the fabric, transferred the pattern for all notes onto the top fabric and began the work. I must say I think it is the last time (till the next time, probably) I was crazy enough to machine-embroider all notes etc. using a standard machine… without any embroidery function… (crazy, crazy, crazy, silly, silly, silly me). I made it, but some swearing and cursing was involved 😉

Reward came together with the ability to sew this project adding my own label; it’s like I finally could leave my signature on what I made. Great, great feeling(!).

When I was done, I happily went back to my long list of “to sew” things, ready to cross out one item that I just fininshed. And then I realized that I never put the piano cover on that list in the first place… Damn, the list didn’t get even a tiny bit shorter 😛

The results of my last couple of days of sewing you can find below. How do you like it?

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