Folk bag – a colourful reminder of summer

In November it really feels that days are shorter and shorter, and that the winter is just around the corner. That’s why I like to keep something colourful with me, a sweet summer reminder 😉 And so this summer I made a new bag, for which I got some inspiration from polish folk motives, especially from the so-called “Łowicz folklore cut-outs”.  More details about this  decoration art I found here:

kodra“Paper cut-outs were used as a decoration of cottages in many regions of Poland. In the past sheep shears were the basic tool for their production. Colour paper cut-outs appeared in Łowicz region cottages in the second half of the 19th century. Initially single elements cut out of paper were stuck directly to walls, picture frames or tiles. Later they were stuck to sheets of white paper. Eventually, three types of paper cut-outs began to be present in the region. They share one feature, ie. diversity of colours but they have different names and shapes.”

Let me emphasize a couple of features of this bag:

  • The bag is made out of a thick dark-green felt with some lightweight corduroy and felt elements.
  • It has three inside pockets: two small ones (in the front part) and one bigger (at the back side).
  • There is also one additional big pocket, at the back of the bag. It’s located on the outside and is finished with a zipper (perfect storage for all things that need to be accessed quickly).
  • It has an original closing, with a juniper wooden stick and a big button.
  • The strap is made out of braided felt (same as the one that was used for the core of the bag), to make the bag look even more “folk” 😉
  • Free-motion quilting (FMQ) was used to stitch some leaf motives all over the bag.


Perhaps my bag (and polish folklore) will now inspire you to create something extraordinary 🙂



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